Saturday, May 29, 2010


The last month of my training for IRONMAN CANCUN 70.3 started off with being told that I should lay off running completely and spend little time on the bike. Thats one of the worst things you can tell a aspiring triathlete. The IT BAND MONSTER that moved in with me won the battle of having to take time off. I somewhat welcomed it. If it promised results on stopping the pain in my knee then I'd do it.
It really had gotten to the point I would do ANYTHING. From stretches, icing, foam rolling, new shoes, to NO shoes, to chi running , to ACTIVE RELEASE TREATMENT, to praying 3 times daily , I was doing all that I could possibly do. Only medicine left was REST.
So fine REST won. But what would happen to my cardio? Oh man was I scared! I remember when I started running again after having my youngest ( a whole 10 months ago ) I could barely run a .25 mile. I knew it wouldnt get to that point , but at times like this you think the absolute WORST.
Keeping up with all my wonderful friends on DAILYMILE , I kept seeing INSANITY posts. INSANITY? What the heck is that? I'd read their crazy sweaty write ups and just wonder. So I put out a message asking what would be best to do at this time in training. I was bombarded with INSANITY suggestions.

So I watched the YOUTUBE videos, and I was intimidated. They looked so hardcore, but all the cardio was what I needed to keep me up in fitness, and the plyometrics would only make me stronger AND faster. Talked to hubby into doing it with me and I placed my order.
Until my package arrived I watched the infomercials and videos on YOUTUBE. I continued to read friends posts and got pumped up.
Then when the DVDs arrived , I unleashed the INSANITY.
Tough , challenging and sweaty. I LOVED IT. I dont think I have sweat so much in my life.
The last 3 weeks have been dedicated to INSANITY workouts , as I put my triathlon training on hold. Just this past week did I go for a run , without pain and without the slightest difference in cardio. I feel and look stronger and Im lighter. Losing 4 lbs in the first week! Yeah, didnt see that coming, but welcomed :)

Going for my first long ride this afternoon I look forward in feeling how the strength I've built up in my legs will come into play. I'd suggest this workout for anyone that needs that extra speed in their running. The workout feels as though it was designed for track stars and works those calves and quads to LEAN strong muscles. There are no weights involved. Only using your body weight as resistance. Its MAX INTERVAL training with short 30 second breaks. So it pushes you to give all you got in you at your MAX speed. I would also suggest this to people that are sidelined like I was . I felt it worked all the same muscles I needed as a triathlete , and then some.
Its a 60 day program and I'm really excited for the results at the end! Sticking as much as I can to the Elite Nutrition plan , which is pretty simple, inexpensive AND easy. Also found it to be somewhat toddler friendly. But then again I can barely get my 2 year old to eat anything , all I get is "Milk, PlEASE!!" **sigh** I try.
113 days till IRONMAN CANCUN 70.3 and I'm itching to get out there. Summer is on its way and this mom is going to totally BRING IT, Im slapping it on thick this summer , with INSANITY, children rearing , wife loving and triathlete craziness. Wish me luck as I kick my official training into gear. I thank all my supportive readers, Dailymile/Facebook/Twitter friends for you positive feedback and constant encouragement. My love goes to my family for supporting me and my radical habits and being there when the tears come down when things get to tough and I dont think I'll be able to push through. But as I say to myself daily "If you cant do this, you cant do IRONMAN".

** If you would like to know about INSANITY you can go here. Or can answer all your questions via email here**

Saturday, May 22, 2010

East Bay Catfish Crawl 1 Mile Swim 2010

 Lets start at the waters edge.
10 am , beautiful day in Pleasanton, Ca. At Shadow Cliffs Lake in my wetsuit for the second time and this time actually entering water.
Before I step into the water I put on my gray swim cap given to me with my #544 written across the side. "Great, it doesnt fit " , So it ended up a little snug on the head , at least I got it on. Mark the hubby is next to me , of course his pea head fits perfectly into his cap.
Taking the first steps into the lake were COLD. But I thought , not bad , its just my feet the wetsuit will keep me warm. I hear a couple next to me say "Dont worry , its going to be fun" , I turn and ask if this is their first swim as well and it is , well their first WETSUIT swim. Feeling better that I really wasnt the only newbie out there we walk further out to get to the "deep water" start. Following my husband he stops and asks "Do you feel that?" , " FEEL WHAT?" ... then I felt it , the cold water starting seeping through the zipper into my wetsuit. BRR. Shaking it off and acting tough we get to the "deep water" start which comes up to my chest and we hover around for awhile. I had not been nervous until I was standing there freezing with water up to my chest and seeing the buoy WAAAAAY off into the distance.
A guy comes up on my right and asks "Do we swim out to that far red buoy?"
ME:"uh yeah"
GUY: " I need to tell them to bring that a little closer !"
We all laugh. Now that buoy didnt seem THAT far until the gun went off and we started swimming. I didnt even get 30 yards, with the shock of the cold water on my face, the wetsuit seizing my chest and glorious  exercise induced asthma, I stopped swimming came up for air and couldnt catch my breathe. So  here is when I have my freakout, I come gasping out of the water like I just escaped a submerged submarine , my heart was pounding I was cold and hyperventilating. Hubby stayed with me and kept me calm and urged me to continue moving forward. The doggie paddle was my stroke of choice , but realized it was to much work. Side stroke worked nice so we kept pushing. Then I started getting nauseous , I thought to myself "seriously? this is not the ocean" . GRAND!! Pushed through.
The best advice I can give anyone at this moment of hopelessness when you are or a mile swim and have only gone about 50 yards is to start counting strokes. So I chose a number, 22 to be exact and made that my goal. Why I didnt try to push further than that I dont know, I thought if I made it 22 strokes I deserved to stop look helpless at my husband , side stroke until I thought I looked like an idiot and go through it all over again. Then I started making lifeguards and buoys targets to get to.
Next thing you know I'm at my final turn. I can see the end. At this point my husband is just cruising next to me ( the whole time it was like he should have been on a floaty with a drink in his hand , while I'm trying not to drown) he says " I wonder if they have bass fish in here?" . As he looks at some kids fishing on the side of the lake. "Really baby? Your thinking about fishing now?" ... it did make me a laugh a little and viola push through to the end. I made it , I didnt drown ,  I didnt give up and amazingly I wasnt exhausted ( because I was to scared to swim to hard , and be exhausted and drown ). Stood up and walked up the beach to cheering fans, and one of my favorite Dailymilers Jody & Jacob ( you ROCK, and you dont know how happy I was to see you there at the end!).
So that was where I lost my open water virginity.

Big thank you to Marks high school buddy Alan and his beautiful wife Jessica for watching the kiddos!! Cheesecake Factory is the best way to celebrate!