Hammer Curls w/Shoulder Press
Standing hip width apart , bring dumbbells heads straight up to shoulder. Hold. Lift arms straight up. Hold.
-Feet hip width apart
- Knees soft
- Pelvis forward
- Core contracted

One Arm Bench Rows
Keeping back flat , lifting elbow straight back , pinching shoulder blades.
-       Core contracted
-       Neck in line with spine
-       Keep elbow close to side when rowing back

Tricep Extension
Keeping elbow up and back hold, then forearm extends straight back
       -     Keep elbow flush with body
  -         Core contracted

Stability Ball Chest press
Upper back balanced on ball, feet hip width apart , pelvis up to the sky. Arms starting in 90 degree position , lifting straight to sky , bringing weights together. Slowly release , not going pass the 90 degree position.
-      - Core contracted
-       -Glutes contracted
-       -Feel the burn 

 Stability Ball Reverse Fly
Hips and stomach on ball. Legs straight back , hip width apart. Find balance. Weights straight down on sides , lift arms straight out to the side, coming in line with shoulders. Release.
-       Find balance before lifting arms
-       Do not lift above shoulders

Step Up w/Bicep Curl
Step up with on leg pushing up with quad , engaging glute (yo booty). In motion coming up bring palms straight up to shoulder in bicep curl. Slowly release.
-      - Core contracted
-       -Breathe

Step Up w/ Straight Arm Lift
Step up with on leg pushing up with quad , engaging glute s In stepping up , lift arms straight out in front of you , level to shoulder.

Ball Curls
Lay on floor , lift legs onto ball. Lift pelvis to sky, hold. Roll ball in to glute, slowly release
-       Core engaged
-       This can be a tough one but you are working your hamstrings, quads and core.
-       Take it slow