Saturday, January 29, 2011

FREEDOM & Morning Runs

So its been awhile.  A long while and to be complete honest I don’t care. Ive been playing with my children, reading an over load of Dr. Seuss books, and living behind my sewing machine.

Perfectly Content. ( I've been hiding HERE with aprons and dishwashing gloves)

I really could stay this way for a while more, but I now I NEED to start getting to work.

A nice reminder from the lovely ladies over at Run Like A Mother: “Are you going to be blogging this year?” , well it was more of just a question. But to me, I read it as “when is you arse going to get out the door and run so you can blog about it?”
( Totally inspired to post by this picture I found over at Tumblr)
So I have come “kick” to get going.

New times though, and when I say that it means that as a mom to 2 toddlers, its come to the point that I can no longer can control them in a stroller and go for a 10 mile run. I’ve tried the treadmill routine, but can I just say that I am meant to be FREE!?! I cant be confined, I want to be awed by the weather, I want to check out another runners shoes as they run by me, I want the friendly nod from the another mother runner and within that nod we exchange the exhilaration we are feeling from being FREE from the confines of our motherly duties.

Wow, I guess I need to be FREE from being mom for just a couple miles.

Starting this MONDAY morning, (since the sun is up early) I will be getting up before my hubby gets to work and getting my run in. Running EVERY weekday. I don’t care if it is or isn’t on the schedule. I just need that time and morning runs are exhilarating.

You know…. Its brisk out. You can see your breathe. It takes a while to warm up to get the chill off, but then you are as free as a bird and full of the energy that hasn’t been zapped out of you from changing diapers and scrubbing mac’n cheese from the walls.

Ahh…. I can picture it now.

This might be a first time I’ve every said it but “I cant wait for Monday morning”.