Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clowns Slowing You Down?

ahhh people. I took a late run , to come home to babies going to sleep and a fresh mind to blog away :).
Today was a happy day with the news of Our little Team DAILYMILE being selected to run in the NIKE Women's Marathon & Half. I was THRILLED, but at first I was confused. I opened the email to only say " what does this mean? Dude, Im so confused" . Yes, I call myself dude. I was doubting our luck of getting in only to think that the email was confirming that I had registered. But no, they have charged the credit card. It was official we were in. I loved seeing the outbreak of happiness on DAILYMILE posts that we had gotten in. I felt as though I couldnt type fast enough to spread the news. For some reason I am more excited about this than going to Ironman Cancun, I think Im more scared of that ;)
Moving on to training, it has been a SLOW week. I look at my weekly mileage and say "PATHETIC", but whatever I got a run in today with out TOOOO much pain and Im happy about that. Tomorrow I will hit up the pool and my bike (which has been lonely since this weekend).
What I have to look forward to this weekend is my first open water mile swim. Ive found a couple of sitters so there is no stopping us this weekend. We will head out to Pleasonton to participate in the Catfish Crawl!! Our wave of "wetsuit men and women" will take off at 10:20 am. You dont even know how thrilled I am that I will be able to swim with the hubby on this one. There have been so many times lately in the pool that I looking at the bottom of the pool and realize that in my triathlons I wont even be able to SEE the bottom. When I think of that I have a small heart attack in the pool... just a small one. So if I do have a freakout I know Mark will be there to keep me from drowning. We all have our weaknesses.... and clowns.....cant forget the clowns.

What does everyone else have going this weekend? What are you weaknesses?


  1. How is your IT band doing? Mine's been acting up and I was wondering if you had any pointers.

  2. Yea! Sounds like you've got a number of fun races coming up.

  3. I would love to participate in the Catfish Crawl with you! I grew up in Pleasanton. My older brother and his friends used to go "dry sliding" at Shadow Cliff. They'd sneak into the waterslide part at night, turn on the water, and head down on their own. Enjoy the outing!

  4. So you have a clown phobia too!