Sunday, April 18, 2010


egh , arrr , egh and one more EGH!!
Today was supposed to be my first triathlon. My first check in this magical world of triathlons that I have submersed myself in training for the past 3 months. That was not to start this weekend though. The hubby and I both registered for the Baby Ice Breaker Triathlon ( Hubby was doing just the ICE Breaker, no "baby") in Folsom, CA. Not till Friday did we realize that Folsom is 4 hours away. Now we are not wusses but traveling with family and 2 children under the age of 2 for a 45-55 min triathlon ... well the math was adding up. With babysitting issues and the drive haunting us we decided it would be best to NOT attempt to make it up there :(
Now we both have spent the weekend in a MAD/SAD attitude towards this. I mean it would be the first TRI of the year for both of us and we had money into it .... Since this is my blog I will say that there has been time (even today) that I have wanted to throw my bike shoes through my living room window and scream. What made matters worse was with this "mad/sad" attitude I hovered over DAILYMILE looking at everyones races and tri's and while I was so happy and inspired by other athletes posts I was pissed that I was not out there with my notch in my belt. I will admit, I just ready Heather's race recap from RunFasterMommy and I loathe her, yeah Heather I loathe you for the next 2 min. The competitive athlete in me knew she was doing her first tri this weekend as well and wanted to WHOOP her in the bike and swim portion ... she would rape me in the run :)
**breathe** GOOOS - FRA - BA **breathe
wait ... one more time
**breathe** GOOOS - FRA - BA **breathe
Must think positive thoughts ... like this all happened for a reason. Gives more time for my IT band to get over its mood swings. 4 more weeks to be faster for my actual SPRINT distance at the Morgan Hill Triathlon.
What did happen this weekend though was a GREAT and EXHAUSTING workout with my husband. I really wish we could be training partners but with 2 little ones, while one is being the triathlete the other is the babysitter or "parent" :)

Another thing to take note in my training is that I bought a new pair of shoes and POWERSTEPS, has anyone else tried those bad boys out? Its going to take some getting used to but hoping it will help my flat feet and overpronating. The sad thing to say right now is that I have no clue what kind of Mizunos they are , they are purple that is all I can say.

Now that I think to myself we did a lot of crap this weekend. Yesterday we spent most of the morning at the Sea Otter Classic. Which was intense! So many vendors I was totally blown away. Dropped some of the hubbies cash (which he calls anniversary gift) at the LUNA tent and cruised around picking up free stickers. Also I hit up a tent with people doing custom bike/tri jerseys, totally psyched about designing my own jersey :)

Ahhh... well Im rambling. I feel a bit relieved and while typing this my husband read the first part and decided to put on the movie ANGER MANAGEMENT for me, what a sweetheart, now let me go and give him a dead leg.


  1. haha loathe away mama, because I TOTALLY get it!! When I was pregnant with my second baby, I was seeing red when anyone else would mention racing. So much so that I was almost in denial, I didn't even want to talk about it! I know that's not quite the same as having to back out of a race at the last minute, but I get the anger!

    Just like you said, 4 more weeks to get faster, better, stronger. Use that frustration to fuel your training. You WILL rock that race, and I promise you that you will blow my swim out of the water!!!

  2. I feel your pain.. We were getting ready to register for Philly Marathon, but after realizing how far it is and how expensive accommodations are getting, not to mention the baby sitting issue.. we are now thinking of skipping this one. No way I will drive 2.5 to almost 4hrs counting traffic after a marathon to be back to work the next day. Plus we still dunno if my parents will be able to stay with our daughter for two nights while we do the race. Knowing them, they will not let us know 'till the day before the race to let us know.

  3. It's tough. It's hard for me to race when the race is only 35mins away. Do I have my hubs and kids wake up to drop me off, then hangout for hours see me finish. Do I drive myself, then pay to park downtown and have to be driven back to the start line. There's just no good answer.

  4. As parent there are sooo many issues with this. We had to sit down and talk about it last night. Guess its just one of the sacrifices of being a parent.

  5. Sometimes I am grateful that I'm divorced, I get the benefit of planning my racing around weekends when I don't have my does however make it difficult to do the races you REALLY want to do, sometimes you have to settle for the one's that fit your schedule.