Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon

Alright here it goes ...

After hearing back from a Nike contact the best bet for getting into the Nike Women's Marathon is registering as a team. Most of the teams she knows have ALWAYS gotten in that way. So now its time to gather your friends, family and fellow DM'ers and lets "JUST DO IT".
Now this is how it goes :
ONLINE REGISTRATION opens MONDAY APRIL 5th through FRIDAY APRIL 16th. On the online registration form there will be a box for GROUP ID. Please copy and paste the GROUP ID that will be emailed to you (yes, I will email out GROUP ID) correctly onto the random drawing application in order to be identified as a member of the group.
It's really that easy!
Now I've been wanting this to be a DAILYMILE team , but PLEASE invite everyone you know to join you! Be your own ambassador to the sport and encourage your friends and family to strap on their shoes and get out there! As for myself I am starting a running group here with women (and whatever men want to run along) to train for this race and prepare for a triathlon. Some people don't want to do this alone! Remember we are a team!
Even though we are a TEAM it does NOT mean that you have to stick with the team when running. We are all at different fitness levels, and some of us are faster than others. So no one feels as though they CAN'T (egh, bad word I know) do it, I will run the 1/2 marathon at a run/walk. No one will be left behind to run on their own. This is a time to encourage and work with one another so we can ALL cross the finish and receive some cool gear.
Other than the GREAT views and WONDERFUL spectators in this race there is some really RAD gear waiting for you at the finish line. First and foremost all finishers receive a unique finishers necklace designed by Tiffany & Co. 100% Recycled Nike dry Fit Finishers Tee-shirt and what is the BEST part (after running for so many hours) is an ICE COLD CHOCOLATE MILK! I know some of you are thinking "Milk? Really?", to me it was the most amazing thing ... Next to the hot firemen in tuxedos handing me that glorious little blue box :)
One more thing. This is not a WOMENS ONLY race. Will you see many men ? NO. I know it bothers some women that they allow men at all. I am one that welcomes it. On the race course last year I saw only motivating husbands (like mine), boyfriends, brothers and sons. Running as pacers and support machines. If I hadn't ran with my hubby I would have been solo and would have broke down at mile 11. So please bring them along as well, the more the merrier. I also saw men running for family members that couldn't be there due to cancer, I teared up many times reading the back of peoples shirts...
I think that covers it . All you now have to do is just decide! AND email me christinahebert(@) . I'm looking forward to meeting all of you nationwide!
Please share on your blogs.
Please inform me if you have a group of people signing up with the GROUP ID , so I know how many people will be in the group and I can email ANY updates sent to me from NIKE.
You can email me OR leave a comment with your info or blog and I will get you the GROUP ID.

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