Sunday, March 28, 2010

NPS St Patricks Day 5k Run/Walk

This post is a week late , why I didnt think of blogging about it I have no clue.
Last week the Naval Post Graduate school held a St. Patricks Day 5k run/walk. There was a great turn out of families and its all fun. Since this race was stroller friendly , the kids were strapped in and ready to go and the Hubby was the driver.

On this same day it also happened to be the hottest day yet in Monterey and a tad freakishly warm ( 72 degrees ,which is SOOO hot for here).
Not until the shot went off did I realize my husband was going to leave me in the dust in hopes of coming in first in the stroller category (which there really wasnt an official category , he just HAD to beat out all the other dads with strollers). I didnt have plans on racing this race. Just had wanted to go with the flow and enjoy the runners. In the beginning I found Alissa (one of my Stroller Strides Mamas) and decided to run with her. About .25 mile she just decided to get a walk in and I was off. Now when one if running by themselves with no real plan , well it becomes ALOT of people watching. I wish I could have taken notes of all the thoughts that run through my mind as I stare at shoes, shorts, read shirts, compliment hats, stare at strides, notice people dropping off... Then as I was running I was slammed in the face with an asthma attack. Some dude I was running behind must have just gotten out of class and REAKED of cologne. Now I dont have problems with people smelling good , Im all about that. But in a RACE , heaven help the asthmatics ( like me) . I tried to push past him and get him behind me , but he totally wasnt having me pass him up. We went back and forth for about a 1/2 mile , then I turned to to him and said " Looks like I'll just run with you then " . So I ran with with till the homestretch , where he died off. I was sad to see him slow down and encouraged him on , but I got there before he did.
After crossing the finish line I found the husband who abandoned me and saw that the kids got cool medals, and thought it funny how he came in second, I guess the Dad in front of him was BOOKING it.

We hung around to support and cheer on the awards ceremony. Now this is when I wanted to kick myself in the butt , I had no intentions of making age group but when I did see the winners from my age group and saw the chick that came in second was an eye shot in front of me ... well I had a small Tom Cruise inner freak out! It left me with the "seriously?" expression on my face. I had to tell myself "Next time, Im flipping FLYING .... *cough cough* ( as long as its not to hot)" .
In all we had a great time . Nothing beats running races with my little family.

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