Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dirty Legs Spring Run # 2

(check out the awesome view , I couldnt help but smile)

Bluff running , that is what I did on this BEAUTIFUL Sunday. Took part in my second trail run put on by SV Endurance. I had a good time. Unlike the first trail run ( which was fun, but ..) there werent mountains to climb, and I was OK with that. The race was located in Wilder Ranch State Park in Santa Cruz and it was a spectacular view. We ran along the bluff and while trying to keep a good pace and not bust my ankle I was able to look down off the cliff and see the waves crash on the rocks. To me THAT is trail running , not having to walk up mountains because I am unable to physically run up steep mountains ( I dont think I'll get over the shock of the first run). There was a bigger turn out for the 5k this time , and there were runners there that had come to the first one , which I now am proud to say I introduced myself instead of just giving the "nod".
It was a happy run, I was glad to be there , I was happy to see other runners and well it was just a HAPPY day. I did start off the race not knowing if I was going to go all out or take my time. I decided to just "GO". Decided to find my happy pace and to greet/cheer any runner that ran past me while on the trail. I had known before the race that I didnt think I could win female over all , there was an older lady ( older lady=super endurance) that was doing a Rocky warmup around the parking lot before hand , I was hoping she was running the 10k , but nope , 5k runner. She had started off really strong and I wasnt going to go to the point of sprinting to catch up to her. She kept a strong pace in front of me , I was hoping she would start fading but she was stuck with it. So the only thing I could think was that NO ONE else would pass me.

( Lady is green is Rocky warmup lady)
The result was 27:04 , which Im pretty psyched about. 2nd overall and 1st in my age group. I finished strong and not to the point of blowing chunks... Like last time , egh. I wish I could share more , but this race went by so fast and I was in la la land with the view, gotta savor the moment right?

( Happy Day and new running friends who I will have to cross over to the "Daily Mile side" )


  1. Nice Job!! Way to go...first in age is awesome and 2nd overall...WOW!!!

  2. Great job, that is awesome that you placed first in your age group!!!

  3. I love your blog! (and Daily Mile!) SV Endurance, huh? I'm going to have to look that up! I live in Los Gatos so I could participate!