Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pain is My Friend

Todays blog originally started with complaining about how sore and tired I am. Its Saturday morning and all I can do it sit here and zone out at the TV, wondering what the heck happened to all the cool cartoons?
Come to the realization that I'm not a super human . Never thought that I was but my body has caught up with me and its saying " dude, seriously, Im tired" .
I laugh at myself and say " this was a REST week dude ". No pain no gain , but as my coach says " Pain is your friend" , well Pain and I arent exactly on good terms this glorious Saturday morning. As Pain and I sit and stare out the window we sigh at the clear blue skies that have been hiding from us all week, we talk about who is going to give in a little bit on the 3 mile run and 22 mile bike ride that has to be accomplished today. Pain is very convincing , but I think in the end I'll win :)
Pain would also like to let you know he has frequent flyer miles and will be at your doorstep shortly. I'll subdue him for as long as I can , he is quite entertaining.

( This is the bike they are replacing the one I purchased with, different aerobars and components)

As my lovely DM'ers know I still have not received my new bike, apparently they never had it to begin with? Read about it here . All was resolved and sometime next week it will be delivered , fingers crossed.
My zombie walk to the kitchen this morning lead me by last nights activities. I had to stop and stare at my kitchen table and shake my head. Did I really sit there last night reading Racing Weight and eat pizza? Yes, Yes I did and that pizza was delicious.


I have to get this off my chest ... I eat pizza EVERY Friday night. Thats right EVERY Friday night. Then I eat leftovers every Saturday. Do I feel guilty about it? I used to. We are all on some sort of "diet", some of us eat less , eat flavorless food, eat ONLY certain types of food . Whatever it is most of us are doing it. We all have different reasons but the the main reason is to lose those "last" pounds that nag at us. The reason I bring this up is because I want you to remember that we are HUMAN. We here to enjoy life. We also need to "shock" our bodies with some desirable and delicious. Am I saying go and binge? No no no no. Im saying using portion control just remember you enjoy yourself sometimes.
Im going to " dare " you today to go get an account at LIVESTRONG . Most of us have food logs , well this is the ultimate food log that also calculates calories burned, the program is called MYPLATE . I seem to be preaching it to everyone , but with this log has helped me keep track of my daily carb/fat/protein ratio and with that I've lost 10 pounds these past 2 months ( along with working out OF COURSE). Want someone to hold you accountable, would you like to hold me accountable ? Friend me. You can view my food log by clicking on "go to accomplishedmoms diary" .
Remember , keeping moving.

pssst... pssst... what are you doing RIGHT now? Nothing? How about doing 25 crunches? Or hold a plank for a minute? You can do anything for a minute right? I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

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  1. Excellent post. We eat pizza every friday night too. I will check out the livestrong site. See you on the daily mile!!