Friday, December 24, 2010

Budget Board

Ready for the new year?
Every year (month *cough cough) my husband and I do the "dew" in meaning we sit down and "manage" the budget and create goals for the new year.
Since most of our goals are triathlons, marathons, and new bike gear, it only leads us to budgeting our world so nothing is taking away from kids or my stomach *THE WOMEN NEEDS HER FOOD!
But there is one thing that I suffer from : Memory Loss. Ok, Im not really diagnosed with it, but its hard for me to remember much. Always truly working on it but I need BIG reminders.
So we went BIG and made a MASSIVE Budget board that is the size of one of our UGLY (military homes) cabinets.
 Items Needed:
2 pieces WOOD .5"x23"x11" (cant buy them that size, but the Dude at HOME DEPOT will cut it for you)
Gorilla Wood Glue
Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint
White Vinyl
Silhouette Cutting Machine (or cricut)
White chalk

*If you dont have a cutting machine, you can use freezer paper, or stencil on words and paint in.

We at first used press board. Total no-no, we couldnt stick the vinyl to the board, then couldnt smoothly use chalk on it.
So ditched that idea.
Had some scraps of wood left over from doing Flamingo Toes Candy Cane Kitchen Sign, so we glued the 2 together.

Sorry, no photos of the actually glueing and painting. Put the hubby to work.

We used chalkboard paint because the budget always changes :)

VIOLA! Sorry, I know totally tacky post it notes. But I dont think the blogging world needed to know our budget. Since we used chalkboard paint, we can have a constant know of how much we have used within our Budgets!

If there is any cash let over at the end of the month it goes into the SAVINGS POT. If we happen to not do a race, or have any cash left in that budget it goes into the race shoe. Giving us a little savings to maybe sign up for more expensive races and or get new racing gear :)
This is a QUICK project. Though it did take us a couple days to repaint the wood we end up using.
What do you use for your budget?


  1. I LOVE this! So super cute and helpful. I've got a new project ...

    Winks & Smiles,