Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bestfriend Challenge

I met my bestfriend 2 1/2 years ago at a COMPASS meeting for new NAVY spouses. Both of us new to Japan, well she was fresh off the plane and I had been there a couple months (somewhat) , had stowed away on a MAC (military aircraft) flight back to they states while my husband was deployed, I did come back though.

The first day of this COMPASS course she sat across from me. Typically southern, loud, funny, wearing pearls, and a green preppy sweater. The perfect example of how a southern military wife should be. With me, the California girl sitting across from her wearing a ball cap, Adidas pants , some workout shirt and 5 months pregnant. To say the least I felt very undressed, but thats me.
First impression of my friend: CRAZY. She had a comment on everything, which she somewhat silently muttered to all sitting around her. I really had thought she had spiked her drink , she just had that " Ive had a drink or two and I dont care" attitude. Made me laugh but even made me think she was crazier than first expected.
Dont know how we ended up bonded together. But we were. With husbands deployed having a friend to relate to is essential on getting through deployments. We had sewing nights, dug around Japanese second hand shops, and sleepovers followed up with amazing waffles and sausage.

During our friendship together in Japan I had my first child. I felt as though she was my sons second mommy and my lifeline to being SANE. She was my lifesaver and support.
Military life constantly sends you down different paths. Eventually we had to part ways , as our new duty station was back state side. Moving and children can keep you from keeping up with friends. Its not that you dont want to , but when you can even remember why you walked into the bathroom, things get forgotten.
Why I bring up my friend is because even though at times things can be forgotten , doesnt mean they dont have a place in your mind and heart. Since the time I left Japan , she has moved back stateside and has a little boy of her own. And thanks to Facebook we can peer into each other lives.

Which leads to the reason I'm doing this post. Today I challenged my friend into starting and completing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Of course her blunt southern personality wanted to know what I was doing with this Shakeology Mommy Experiment, and again her blunt southern personality pretty much told me she had better things to spend her money on :) That doesnt mean that she cant be on a 30 day workout program.
So Im putting her to the test here, she will follow all logs that are involved in my "experiment" with the exception of Shakeology of course AND stick to her 30 day shred. With the 30 day shred preparing her for INSANITY.

To you readers , some of you might think " ha no problem" but for my dear friend who when I asked if she liked fruit she replies " I only like clementines" ( in her southern accent) and what she call vegetables , are some kind of greens covered in butter and some cheese. ( Not that I'm hating, I always ate AWESOME at your house girl!). Now to stick to HEALTHIER eating might be a challenge. Now is my friend an obese rolling tub of lard , hell no. She just appreciates some good food , and after typing that out I'm starving.
But I'm on a mission people. To motivate and inspire my bestfriend with STICKING to this 30 DAY SHRED. I want her to feel the joy in losing weight, I want her endorphins kicking into gear so those happy thoughts are running all day long. I want her to feel strong and I want her to feel SEXY!
So now my friend , the world knows of our agreement. Take this opportunity to inspire others to take the challenge as well.


  1. I'm bringing SEXXY back!

    Susan aka crazy friend

  2. I'm certain you're gonna rock the shred. Can't wait to see the results!

  3. You will do fantastic. Congrats for taking up the challenge