Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magical Mermaids, Super Triathletes and Michael Phelps

I usually just post my workouts via DAILYMILE , but today I thought I'd blog about my swim workout.
Now the most I've ever swam in the pool , I think is about 1200 yards. To me thats a pretty decent swim. Today I look at my workout that COACH has planned for me , and its scheduled to swim 2800 yards. If you don't know, thats a crap load (at least to me). I'm always so amazed when I see peoples post on anything more then 2000 yards, but today I will be one of those people.
Should I complain? No. Am I? Uh, not really. It just makes me feel more like a bad a$$ that coach thinks I could do this.
Though I may seem to think thats A LOT of yardage, I'm not going to tell my coach that. In my mind I really didnt think that " Oh dear thats to much" , I thought more along the lines like "This is where I should be".
Now don't go off thinking Im super cool. Due to time restraints I had to cut the workout short 500 yards because the kids zone was closing and we had to pick up the kids (the hubby joined in on my swim workout). But Im definitely proud to say that this will probably become a norm and I'm going to become a speedy mermaid and tear up IRONMAN CANCUN 70.3.

(EVERYTIME I either RUN/BIKE/SWIM I picture myself in this video, EVERYTIME)

For triathletes I think the swim in definitely not the HARDEST part, but its hard to get to the pool  for training. But once I get my cap on, my goggles snug and jump into the pool, I become free. I no longer am "mommy", I become some super triathlete. Thats right SUPER TRIATHLETE, you must trick your mind into thinking such crazy nonsense to accomplish some things. So if you ever see me swimming, whats going through my mind is IRONMAN. I picture myself there, but as in a dream , when everything is perfect. The water is clear and everything is smooth. Nothing could go wrong. I have energy to swim miles. My trials and worries in life have floated away, its just me and the water and screw everyone else.

(Not me, just something to put you in the mood)

Now I usually stay in that euphoria during the warmup, when sprints start coming in I get overwhelmed with a bit of dread that I'm going to get my arse whooped. But today was a magical day and I thought myself to be a female version of Michael Phelps. Like seriously I thought to myself "You know what , if you were racing Michael Phelps right now, you probably wouldn't be THAT far behind him". There must have a little to much chlorine in the air for me to actually think that I would be competitive with Michael Phelps. I blame my crazy mommy brain.
But as with all dreams they come to an end. And within my mommy life, when the end is near I never seem to have enough time to finish what I planned on doing. I jumped out of the pool, hearing my name blared over the speaker, rushed to rinse, just threw my clothes on over my suit and booked it out of there.
Not until we were loaded into the car did I relax and breathe. At that time in my life all I could think about was FOOD. Forget the magical mermaids, being an IRONMAN, and swimming with Michael Phelps , all I wanted was food.
So to end the night we topped it off with Dominos Large Carry out special pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Oh ok and I wont lie , we stopped off at Burger King for a soft serve cone too. I do feel guilty, not setting the greatest example but we do all need to indulge every once in awhile.
Super Triathletes need extra calories right? Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Way to go Christina! You are a Super Triathlete.

  2. Way to go! Awesome to hear about your training progress!

  3. Great post. As you know swimming is the best part of it all for me and your planned swim session was awesome. WTG super Triathlete.

  4. I LOVE that video. I just cry my eyes out everytime.

    Way to go Christina! You are a Super Triathlete/Mom!

  5. Love the video. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Hahaha! I totally posted something kinda similar about having to get to the pool. It would sure be a lot easier to fit swimming in if I could just do it in my backyard! My post is here:

    Half ironman! Rock it, girl. Just did my first tri this year and am already planning to do more in 2011. Love to read about how all the other moms other there fit their training in. So inspiring!

  7. Great post and I am so entertained by it. Thanks for sharing the video too.


  8. Hey... just stopping by while I watch Kona.. and gotta go put my kids to bed, but wanted to say I wish we could change brains when we swim. I'm getting better but I usually go to the negative dark side when I swim. Looking forward to digging into your blog... triathlon, nutrition, P90X... sounds like me!

  9. Oh thats a favorite video of mine too! Glad to have your blog. Happy Training!