Saturday, June 5, 2010

My FIRST Tri **sigh**

My first triathlon EVER is tomorrow morning. Less than 24 hours away, and now as I sit here on the computer about to make a check list on what I need to pack, I am nervous.
I've had to drop out of 2 sprint distances this year already , due to childcare and injury. I've only run twice in the past month. Yep! I had to take time off because the IT BAND MONSTER thought he could barge in on my training time. I've also only been on the bike once in 3 weeks. Went for a ride with my friend Amanda last week and got my arse whooped.
Also because of feeling like bad luck follows me this year, I didn't register till last night. Im bad:(
Prepared? Ugh, no. Feeling confident? Yes, actually.

For my first triathlon I will be doing the All womens MERMAID TRIATHLON in Alameda, CA. Why the confidence? Because I feel as though this isn't so much a MAJOR competition. This is an event that women come together of all stages of fitness, from novices to ironman we swim, bike, run and have a great time in support of one another.
My goal in this triathlon is to make it through pain free, exertion level of a 7-9, and support/cheer/motivate all in my path :)

This is huge to me everyone! I have a tear in my eye! This is the kickoff of a year dedicated to preparing for a half IRONMAN in September.
So now I go turn to my check lists and packing. Of course its just not a transition bag I'm packing but, husband , kids ... pretty much on any outing lasting more than 2 hours my whole life gets crammed into the car. Is that only me?
Can this military/stroller striding/beachbody coaching mama pull this off? Only time will tell!


  1. You will do great!! Hope it is a blast. Can't wait to hear the post race recap. Go get 'em girl!

  2. You'll do great!!! Is it weird that I got teary eyed reading this?? Yes, I think so :) You're awesome and you'll do awesome!!

  3. Thinking of you now!! You will do awesome, I just know it!