Friday, June 25, 2010

Stomach Flu, Booty Parlor and a Fundraiser

Going into the last 20 days of INSANITY and officially kicking off my IRONMAN CANCUN training, I get slapped in the face with the stomach flu! Now is it just me or has thing gotten worse since I was a kid? Used to be a 24 hour thing. I'll admit the worst part was over in 24 hours but I've been stuck feeling like garbage for 4 days! Recovery phase is NOT fun.

(not me, but you get the point. I back would have been arched, and I would be crying , LOL)

Next week starts the countdown final 12 week countdown to IRONMAN CANCUN 70.3. I'll tell you one thing, its the LAST thing on my mind right now. Its in the back of my mind like a fuzzy cloud dancing around, it seems like a dream. When will the shock actually hit me? Next week when Im actually ABLE to do my workouts my coach has scheduled for me? Or when Im exhausted in the pool after only 600 yards? Ya know what? I'll probably hit me while I'm doing the dishes one night. Then I'll stand there staring out the window and have a minor seizure over what I got myself into!
Truthfully I'm REALLY excited about it. All I really do think about is how much FUN its going to be. I'll also get to meet friends I've made via Dailymile & Twitter. Its going to be awesome, and for us, KID FREE. I'd be happy to be kid free for an hour right now ... reminds me that I need to plan a date night, along with a million other things.
So what have I been doing this whole week without working out? I'm sure some of you are soooooo curious. On a normal basis its ALL I do. I usually teach Stroller Strides in the morning, Catch up with the wonderful women I work with mid-morning, play date midday, run/bike/swim in the afternoon , then top it off with INSANITY in the evening. Since I've been sidelined and bed ridden, I've been launching my new home business!
This past weekend I attended a Booty Parlor Party. I had actually brought up Booty Parlor to my friend as an option for additional income. Knowing that Booty Parlor Parties were something women LOVE, I encouraged her to check it out. Next thing you know she is a new Sexy Lifestyle Advisor and I'm at her launch party.
Now only hearing the RAVES about these parties from friends I had NOT actually been to one. Never seemed like my thing to go and play with adult toys. It actually turned out to be something completely different then I ever imagined.

 Of course we had a blast, testing lip glosses, edible body shimmers, firming lotions, massage candles, lingerie and of course personal toys. Got to laugh over things we normally don't talk about, shared our own personal "sexy" tips, and enjoyed being with friends.
It had been awhile since I have been at a party like this. Not only till these past couple weeks had I started making an effort of going to play dates, wearing something other than workout clothes, put on mascara, beautify the hard work I have been putting my body through. Half way through the party as I was laughing at friends, did I realize we need to to ALL stop and REMEMBER to be BEAUTIFUL, CONDIFENT and SEXY. Also remember to be US. As moms we forget who we are, we get swept away with being Mommy and Wife that we forget who we were before marriage and kids.
After this lightbulb went off in my head, I started asking questions about being a "Sexy Lifestyle Advisor" myself. Already as a Beachbody coach & Stroller Strides Instructor , I work with women to reach their fitness goals on a daily basis , I thought to myself this completes what I do and want to accomplish in life by providing women the means to feeling confident.
So right after that party I talked to the beautiful Lina Williams who happens to be a Leader within the Booty Parlor company and had her explain to me what Booty Parlors mission was and how I could become part of that.
Booty Parlor believes that "Confidence is the sexiest thing a women can have". I'm all about that and couldn't agree more. So now this running/biking/swimming mama is one of Americas New Sexy Lifestyle Advisors. 4 days into it and I'm loving it. I seem to love anything that makes ANYONE feel better. This is my life, I feel as though I feed off inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Thats O.K with me.
Now Tuesday I have my official launch party, my website is already open for online orders, but here is something I'm asking my readers. I'd like all my commision from internet orders within the first week of my launch to go to a FUNDRAISER. Thats 25% of total orders. I do NOT have a non-profit organization picked out yet, so I'm asking my readers to suggest where the proceeds should go. Are YOU running for Team in Training, or special organization and need help getting to your fundraising goal? Please comment, or EMAIL me. Then we can start this fundraising money for a noble cause!
My mission in life is to make a positive difference in the world. Whats yours?

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  1. I am so excited for the "official" launch of Ironman training next week! I look forward to reading about your workouts. Very cool about becoming a Bootician; I'll have to check out your website! =o)