Thursday, June 10, 2010

Those Arent Rocks...

YouTube Video

Those aren't brown rocks on the beach it's seals! On the trail teaching my usual Thursday Stroller Strides class I take a look down at the beach and it's swamped with those bad boys! I have never seen more than 2 on that beach and 2 is pushing it. I felt cheesy but totally had to stop to catch some video.
This is one of the cooler benefits of living in Monterey, CA.

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Location:Monterey , CA


  1. That is very cool! I miss living near the ocean, but in SoCal there were no seals anyway, but often pods of dolphins, which I could watch all day.

  2. You have to cruise down Hwy 1 toward Hearst Castle. On the beach side of the road between the blue hotel on the side of the road and the liquor store just past the bridge there is a Sea Lion Retreat type area. In February the Male Sea Elephants hang out there in HUGE quantaties. If you go back north doing a hike through the meadow to and then over the rocks near the water for a bit you will pop out in an area that over looks the moms and their calves. Hundreds of them! So amazing.
    So for the random landmarks but that's all I have. We used to camp where the state put the parking lot in and our way to find it was "If you get to the hotel turn around and come back" The bridge by the liquor store was basically the last of civilization. I'm not sure what other times they are there in that massive amount but they're usually there around Presidents weekend and shortly after.